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Emma Britten

Art Magic; or Mundane, Sub-mundane and Super-Mundane Spiritualism,

A Treatise in three parts and twenty-three sections...

Published by The Author at New York, America 1876


This is a very interesting and rare first edition.

The binding is tight, very bright and clean compared to its age. There is a little rubbing to the binding and a little tear to the spine (see picture). Inside the book is very clean. There is only a little foxing to the title page, title picture and the tissue gaurd. The title page is slightly loose but still firmly attached. This is the best copy by far we have seen and its is the green variant binding which is the most rare (the book was laso published in a red variant binding).


Emma Britten was a very important occultist in her day who influenced both the Theosophical Society, the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor and the Magicians of the Golden Dawn etc.

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This book 'Art Magic' is a store house of Occult information and Magical theory. It also includes Peter Abano's Magical Elements in English, etc.


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