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[000296] [ALBERTUS MAGNUS], Secrets Merveilleux de la Magie Naturelle et Cabalistique du Petit Albert, Traduit exactement sur l'Original Latin, intitule Alberti Parvi Lucii, Libellus de mirabilibus Naturae Arcanis. Enrichi des Figures misterieuses, et la maniere de les faire. Nouvel. Lyon: Beringos Frates , 1759. Full-Leather. Very Good A Lion (Lyon), Chez les Heritiers de Beringos Frates a l'Enseigne d'Agrippa, M.DCC.LIX [1759], Original brown leather binding, raised bands, binding firm but a little cracked to bottom of spine, the end-pages has a few holes otherwise the text is clean and nice for its age, title page in red ink and many fold out diagrams throughout. Text in French. Here is a chance to obtain a real Grimoire of Magical lore, including the burning hand! kr 10,000.00 - approx. 1956 USD



[000293] [From inside the Order of Nine Angles]. The Black Tetrahedron. Hard Cover. Very Good this is an extremely rare text of black magic and Satanism which consists of 'Three stories of sinister magick, esoterically related…' Nice large black hardcover binding in as new condition (except for a little bump to the boards), text printed on special thick yellow paper with ribbon marker. Never published for public use. SOLD





[000298] Agrippa, Henry Cornelius. Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy of Geomancy Magical Elements of Peter de Abano Astronomical Geomancy, The Nature of Spirits.. England: Askin Publishers Ltd, 1978. Half-Leather. Fine Half-Leather, Facsimile Of 1653 Edition With New Introduction By Stephen Skinner. Hardback. 8vo. pp xvi, [xvi] 217. Fine condition. kr 600.00 - approx. 117 USD






[000312] Agrippa, Henry Cornelius (Author) Tyson, Donald (Editor) Freake, James (Translator),. Three Books of Occult Philosophy. Llewellyn Publications, 1997. Soft Cover. As New Large quality Paperback. As New condition in protection wrapper. This is the best English edition of this classic work with extensive notes and commentaries by Tyson. Sold





[000185] Barrett, Francis . The Magus (A Complete System of Occult Philosophy). Boston: Weiser Books, 2000. Reprint. Over Size. Soft Cover. As New ISBN: 0877289425. An occult classic originally published in 1801. kr 300.00 - approx. 59 USD





[000249] Basilius Valentinus [Trans. A. E. Waite]. The Triumphal Chariot of Antimony. London: Vincent Stuart LTD, 1962. Very Good / Good. limited edition of 500 copies. Hardcover with d/w in transparent protective plastic. Condition: Very Good. D/W has some tears to the top and bottom of the spine and former owners name sticker to front end page. Sold






[000322] Beatrice, Pier Franco; . Anonymi Monophysitae Theosophia: An Attempt at Reconstruction. Leiden: Brill, 2001. Hard Cover. 144 pages, New. kr 700.00 - approx. 137 USD








[000214] Berg, Dr. Philip S. (trans.). The Zohar Parashat Pinhas Translated Into English. 1987. First Edition. Soft Cover. Good kr 150.00 - approx. 29 USD




[000215] Berg, Dr. Philip S. (trans.). Power of Aleph Beth. 1988. First Edition. Soft Cover. Good kr 100.00 - approx. 20 USD




[000015] Bergier, Jacques, Oversat Af Dorthe Fisker. Muligt - Umuligt. Strubes Forlag, 1974. Soft Cover. Very Good ISBN: 87 7508 165 2. kr 20.00 - approx. 10 USD




[000112] Blavatsky, H. P. (oversat Af Sigrid Møller). Nøgle Til Teosofien (Forkortet Udgave Ved Joy Mills). DK: En Tau Bog, Soft Cover. Very Good kr 45.00 - approx. 9 USD



[000182] Blavatsky, H. P., Symposium. Symposium on H. P. Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine, Proceedings Sat & Sun July 21-22, 1984, Seventeen Papers from Four Countries. San Diego: Wizards Bookshelf, 1984. First Edition. Soft Cover. Very Good kr 100.00 - approx. 20 USD







[000386] Bloom Clive, The “Occult” Experience and The New Criticism: Daemonism, Sexuality and the Hidden in Literature, Harvester Press, 1986. Black Hardcover (no DJ) in good condition.
48 DKK – Approx. 10 USD




[000232] Boehme. How a man may find himself and so finding come to all mysteries, Even to the Ninth number, Yet no Higher. Sure Fire Press, Soft Cover. Very Good Very Good. A small sticker to front. Reprint kr 40.00 - approx. 8 USD



[000189] Boysen, Birgit Trust.. Alkymi Og Selvudvikling. DK: Politikens Forlag, 1991. First Edition. Soft Cover. Very Good ISBN: 8756748736. Language =Danish kr 60.00 - approx. 12 USD



[000297] Britten, Emma Hardinge [ed. and trans.]. GHOST LAND; OR RESEARCHES INTO THE MYSTERIES OF OCCULTISM.. Boston: By the Editor, 1876. First Edition. Decorative Cloth. Good pp. (2), 484, (2). Title page printed in 4 colours. Original decorated cloth binding. The Binding is firm with general wear and some loos to upper and lower spine. A few old pen notes to front end paper which also has a slight tear, slight foxing otherwise the text is clean and very good. This book hold a special place in the history of Western esotericism not only for its relation to the Hermetic order of the Golden Dawn, The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor and the Theosophical Society, but also because it was one of the first texts to introduce the word Occultism into English. It was thus also one of the first texts to make a distinction between spiritualism and occultism. Very Rare in 1st ed.! kr 1,800.00 - approx. 352 USD





[000306] CHAMBERS, TH. S.. The Craft of thy Caduceus. Written for Thought Values. By "Exact Thinker", London 6 Walton Place, S.W. 3, "Thought Values". . First Edition. Good 108 pp. with many illustrations. Limited edition of 1000 Copies, large format card covers. Examination of mysteries of the religions of ancient Egyptian, Assyria, India, freemasonry with other references. Ben Fernee has stated about the book that 'the author would appear to be in the maniac laughter mode of a quite serious form of insanity which makes for one of the most obscure and bizarre texts ever encountered.' I can only agree. A real rare find of a very obscure occult text! The book is in overall very good condition + a letter signed by the author is included. kr 750.00 - approx. 146 USD




[000328] Crowley, Aleister
The legendary "The Red Equinox" published by Mandrake and Holmes 1992 in a limited edition of 50 copies. This set contains The Equinox Volume 1 Number 1 to 10 + Volume 3 Number 1 in. 6 books/volumes made in the highest quality bindings + slipcase - truly stunning! I have been told that not even 50 were made, because the cost was too high. A very rare item. The condition is excellent. Sold














[000281] Dee, John. ORDINES DESCENDENS. Descending Hierarchies Haudquaquam Licit Mihi Esse. 2007. First Edition. Soft Cover. As New 1st ed. 2007 98pp (printed single sided) Published Anonymously. No ISBN. Ltd. ed. 200 copies. Out of Print - impossible to find. From the original selling description: 'Edited by Peter Mills, who supplies a 19pp introduction in which he places the text into historical context and comments upon it as well as describing how he was given access to the original document some thirty years ago which he carefully transcribed. Mr. Mills estimates the document to date from the late 18th Century and he typeset the text to match the original printed document. The title page informs us that this was privately printed for a Jeremiah Hobbs for Sir Francis Dashwood and certain others, presumably the Hellfire Club. Jeremiah Hobbes gives a detailed account as to how some of Dee's papers parted company from those that found their way to the Ashmolean Museum and the British Library and how he came into possession of those manuscripts. He then capably explains how the names of Enochian Angels are derived from the Watchtowers before giving the text of Ordines Descendens. This text is the lost counterpart of the better-known Enochian material. Whereas they describe the watchtowers, names and calls of the Angelic hierarchy Ordines Descendens describes its demonic mirror. A set of infernal Watchtowers are given from which are derived the four names of Satan and the rest of the infernal hierarchy. The process used is cognate but significantly variant from that used for the Angels. As well as giving the names of these diabolical beings their powers are described with detailed information as to how they may be evoked using a magic circle and a triangle or art. The invocation is sealed using some of the thirteen Descending Clavicules which are given in Enochian with the English translations. These evoke infernal forces in a similar manner that the Enochian Keys or Calls invoke Angelic forces. This is effectively an Enochian Grimoire of Satanic beings, the counterparts of the Angelic beings. The question arises, is this text truly the work of John Dee transcribed and printed by Jeremiah Hobbs in the 18th Century. The text came from out of the blue, already typeset, and the publisher have any information aside from that printed in the book. I would observe that there is a long tradition of false attribution of grimoire material. The Key of Solomon was not written by King Solomon; neither the Grimoire or Sworn Book of Pope Honorius has nothing to do with any Pope, let alone either of the two called Honorius; the Book of Secrets of Albertus Magnus was not written by Albertus Magnus and of course none of the real authors of the various Necronomicons were actually torn apart by unseen forces in an Arab marketplace! In fact there is a long tradition of texts being falsely attributed to John Dee namely The Book of Rosie Crucian Secrets which was transcribed by E.J. Langford Garstin from an old manuscript which claimed Dee as author and was published with an introduction by Ithell Colquhoun. Indeed, if the truth be known, there are question marks about the real authorship of the traditional Enochian material. Dee considered the information came from spirits, but sometimes wondered if they were truly Godly. Many think Kelly contrived the communications that suggested he and Dee swap wives and others think he contrived more than that. Others agree but speculate that, unknown to him, praeterhuman intelligences may have communicated via his contrivances. Moreover some consider Enochian a system that was only partly and imperfectly revealed to Dee and Kelly and suggest it is for others to add material. In the introduction to Ordines Descendens Mr. Mills describes how a practicing magician found the text frighteningly effective. Ultimately it will be for Enochian magicians to judge whether this text represents a useful extension to the corpus of Enochiana. kr 500.00 - approx. SOLD



[000295] DEE, John. A TRUE & FAITHFUL RELATION OF WHAT PASSED FOR MANY YEARS BETWEEN DR JOHN DEE (A MATHEMATICIAN OF GREAT FAME IN Q.ELIZ. AND KING JAMES THEIR REIGNES) AND SOME SPIRITS: TENDING (HAD IT SUCCEEDED) TO A GENERAL ALTERATION OF MOST STATES AND KINGDOMES IN THE W. Glasgow: Antonine Pub. Co. Ltd./ Golden Dragon Press, 1974. Full-Leather. Very Good Folio, 448 pp + 46 pp of Actio Tertia + 4 pp of publisher's notes. Full polished calf w/ blind stamped designs on boards, raised bands and red leather title plate to spine, gilt title, etc. to spine. Edition limited to 500 copies. It comes with its original decorated slipcase! Light rubbing to covers. A Fine copy of the most beautiful of the Dee facsimiles. kr 4,000.00 - approx. 783 USD





[000233] Dee, John. The Hieroglyphic Monad. Weiser., Hard Cover. Good / Good. First Weiser edition. Hardcover with d/w. kr 300.00 - approx. 59 USD








[000384] [Dee, John] A picture of John Dee set in white passepartout. A sticker is included which states ‘Original Portrait guaranteed 100 years old The Portrait Library’. Size: 22.9 CM (H) x 22.5 CM (L).
335 DKK – Approx. 70 USD





[000192] Dewar, James.. The Unlocked Secret (Freemasonry Examined). London: William Kimber, 1966. First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good / Very Good. kr 250.00 - approx. 49 USD







[000088] Eddy, Mary Baker.. Videnskab Og Helse Med Nøgle Til Skriften. Boston, Massachusetts U.S.A.: The First Church of Christ, Scientist, 1972, Hard Cover. Good / Good. kr 45.00 - approx. 9 USD







[000250] Eirenaeus Philalethes & others [Trans. A. E. Waite]. Collectanea Chemica. London: Vincent Stuart LTD, 1963. Hard Cover. Very Good / Good. limited edition of 500 copies. Hardcover with d/w in transparent protective plastic Condition: Very Good. D/W, former owners name sticker to front end page. kr 650.00 - approx. 127 USD







[000077] Eliphas Levi (Trans: A. E. Waite). Th History of Magic. Kessinger Reprint of the Org. 1913, Soft Cover. As New ISBN: 1564594041. reprint kr 99.00 - approx. 19 USD





[000068] Eliphas Levi (Trans: A. E. Waite). Trancendental Magic. Weiser, 1999. Soft Cover. Very Good ISBN: 0877280797. SOLD









[000300] Eliphas Levi (Translated by A. E. Waite). The History of Magic. London: William Rider & Son Ltd,, 1913. First Edition. Decorative Cloth. Very Good Extremely Rare White Cloth blind stamped binding with title in gold. Top edge gilt. Translated with Waite's Preface and many notes. In fine, clean and tight condition, with some dirt accumulation. An important book on the History of Magic. Binding protected by removable plastic cover [Gilbert B32 binding variant]. kr 4,800.00 - approx. 939 USD






[000330] Levi, Eliphas. (Translated with notes by A.E. Waite)
The History of Magic: Including a Clear and Precise Exposition of its Procedures, its Rites and its Mysteries.
Published by William Rider & Son, Ltd, London, 1913. First English edition.

Full vellum leather binding with gilt titles and decoration on upper board and spine, a few spots, lower corners slightly bumped. Inside clean, pages untrimmed, bookplate removed from front pastedown leaving mark, front free endpaper removed, upper page edges gilt, text clean and bright, illustrated with 20 b/w plates. 8vo 8" - 9" tall, xxxvi + 536 pp. This production is among the rarest Waite publications together with the Transcendental Magic in Vellum binding. Rarely seen! [Gilbert B32, Binding Variants 1. 'Edition de Luxe' binding.]

14000 DKK – approx. 2797 USD – approx. 1878 EUR – approx. 1408 GBP



[000324] Eysenck, Hans. J. and Sargent, Carl.,. Explaning the Unexplained. Mysteries of the Paranormal. Book Club Associates: London, 1982. Hard Cover. Very Good / Very Good. 192p, ills., Hardcover with DJ, Very good condition. kr 160.00 - approx. 31 USD






[000243] Faivre, Antoine. The Eternal Hermes. U.S.: Phanes Press., 1995. First Edition. Decorative Cloth. Very Good ISBN: 0933999534. Rare hardcover edition. A standard book on Hermes. Subscribers edition. Former owners name in ink on front and back end page. kr 700.00 - approx. 137 USD








[000316] Fanger, Claire (Ed.), . CONJURING SPIRITS: Texts and Traditions of Medieval Ritual Magic (Magic in History Series),. Pennsylvania State University Press, 1998. First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good / No Jacket. pp. xviii, 234. 23 illustrations. No DJ, Sold






[000321] Farmer, John S; . Twixt Two Worlds: A Narrative of The Life and Work of William Eglington. London: The Psychological Press, 1886. Illustrated with engraved portrait frontispiece of the author and 8 full page chromolithographic plates depicting 3 stages of Materialisation, Apparitions, Spirit Lights, etc., tissue guards. Decorated hardcover binding. The binding has a lot of wear, the spine has some cracks and the hinge papers are cracked, however it is quite firm. The text is nice with some foxing throughout, but generally clean. A rare and important work. kr 2,800.00 - approx. 578 USD






[000209] Fielding, Charles. The Practical Qabalah. Weiser, 1989. First Edition. Soft Cover. As New ISBN: 087728654x. kr 60.00 - approx. 12 USD







[000236] Franck, Adolphe. The Kabbalah. Citadel Press, 1995. Soft Cover. Very Good kr 50.00 - approx. 10 USD






[000383] Freher, D.A.; Three tables of Man. His Creation, Fall and Regeneration revealed in three elaborate diagrams, Edited and with coloured versions of these tables by Adam McLean.
Limited edition of 60 signed and numbered large format A4 hardbound copies. 33 pages. 3 complex coloured diagrams. Magnum Opus Hermetic Sourceworks Series no. 31.








[000325] Frick, Johann Georg. Albert Frick, ed., . Commentatio de Druidis Occidentalium Populorum Philosophis... Accedunt Opuscula Quaedam Rariora Historiam Et Antiquitates Druidarum Illustratantia Itemque Scriptorum De Iisdem Catalogus.. Daniel Bartolomaei et Filium, 1744. Daniel Bartolomaei et filium, Ulm: 1744. Dedication + Praefatio + 226 pp. Rare early work on the Druids with some rare illustrations. The front and back boards of the binding are detached, spine missing parts of upper and lower (binding in poor condition). The text is clean for its age with only occasional light foxing. The text also has some worming especially from p. 45 to 102 in the upper left corner which scarcely affects the text. Some pages appear to originally have been roughly cut, which means that some paper sticks out. The text is very good, but would suggestively need a rebinding. Sold




[000242] Gallico, Samuel, & Menachem Azariah da Fano.. Sefer Pa’amon Ve’rimon – Assis Rimonim Menachem Azariah’s Pelech Ha’rimon . Amsterdam: Moses Dias, 1708. First Edition. Hard Cover. Good Text is in Hebrew. Condition: Very remarkable condition for its age, small tears to fold out diagram, new half-cloth binding otherwise very good. This is a very rare Kabbalah book with the much used and famous fold out diagram of the tree of life. “Gallico was a rabbi and kabbalist, published a summary of Moses Cordovero's Pardes Rimmonim under the title Asis Rimmonim in Venice 1601. Azariah Da Fano (1548-1620), was an Italian rabbi and kabbalist, who was recognized as the foremost expert in the West on Moses Cordovero's kabbalistic system. He was a patron of Jewish learning and paid for Cordovero's Pardes Rimmonim to be published in Salonika in 1584. His great kabbalistic work, the Asarah Ma'amarot, has only had parts printed. This commentary was attributed to Shabbetai Sheftel Ben Akiva Horowitz by Furst and Benjacob but is by Mordecai ben Jacob of Prague.” Enc. Judaica kr 8,500.00 - approx. 1663 USD







[000254] Godwin, Joscelyn . Harmonies of Heaven and Earth – Mysticism in Music from antiquity to the Avant-Garde. Inner Traditions, 1995. First Edition. Soft Cover. Fine New book. SOLD





[000205] Goodwin, Matthew Oliver. Numerology The Complete Gudie. Newcastle, 1981. First Edition. Soft Cover. Good ISBN: 0878770534. This is a set of 2 large volumes (complete). Volume 1: The Personality reading. Volume 2: Advanced Personality Analysis and Reading the past, present and future. SOLD





[000195] Gray, William G.. Sangreal Sodality Series Volume 2, The Sangreal Sacrament. Weiser, 1983. First Edition. Soft Cover. Very Good kr 100.00 - approx. 20 USD







[000262] Guthrie, Kenneth Sylvan [Pythagoras, Iamblichus, Profyrius, et al.]. Pythagoras Source Book and Library Contains all available authoritative material about Pythagoras and complete collection of Writings of his Disciples First Rehabilitation of Pythagoreanism for 2400 since the tragic burning of the House in which his Schoo. Teocalli, N.Y.: Platonist Press, 1919. First Edition. Soft Cover. Very Good First edition. Softcover. 8vo, 190 pp. Original printed wrappers, maps, frontis of Pythagoras, original book commercials in the back. A very rare copy but the binding is made quite fragile: the text is in the form of typescript. Covered lightly worn at edges with some light chipping. Overall a very good copy. kr 1,500.00 - approx. 293 USD






[000310] Hall, M. P., Man, the Grand Symbol of the Mysteries. Los Angeles: The Philosophical Research Society, 1947. Hard Cover. Very Good Black Hardcover, Fifth edition with many illustrations. Very good condition. kr 95.00 - approx. 18 USD



[000227] Hall, Manly. P.. The Secret Teachings of All Ages – An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy. P. R.S., 1977. Soft Cover. Good first paperback edition, folio, black and white illustrations. Condition: Very Good, but a couple of pages are loose from the binding. kr 130.00 - approx. 25 USD







[000318] Harper, George Mills. W.B. Yeats and W.T. Horton: The Record of an Occult Friendship. New Jersey: Humanities Press, 1980. Hard Cover. Very Good / Very Good. Monochrome frontispiece, x+160pp, black hardcover, gilt with a near mint dj. kr 60.00 - approx. 12 USD






[000319] Hartmann, Franz;. THE PRINCIPLES OF ASTROLOGICAL GEOMANCY. THE ART OF DIVINING BY PUNCTUATION, ACCORDING TO CORNELIUS AGRIPPA AND OTHERS, WITH AN APPENDIX CONTAINING 2048 ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS.. William Rider, 1913. Hard Cover. The blue decorated Hardcover binding has been wrapped in (now old) transparent plastic. The binding has general wear; there is an ex-libris bookplate inside front cover and numbers in pen crossed out. The text is clean with some foxing and a few pencil marks. Generally good condition. SOLD







[379] Hartmann, Franz, The Life of … Paracelsus and the Substance of his Teachings …, George Redway, London, MDCCCLXXXVII [1887]. First edition. Brown cloth binding. Very good condition, with general wear to the binding, a small sticker removed from the spine. Hinge paper slightly cracked, but the binding is firm. Inside generally clean. Rare.
1437 DKK – Approx. 300 USD




[000390] Hyatt, Harry Middleton; Hoodoo – Conjuration – Witchcraft – Rootwork, Volume Three, Memoirs of the Alma Egan Hyatt Foundation, 1973. First ed. Hardcover, AS NEW, Large Volume.
1676 DKK – Approx. 350 USD





[000231] Heindel, Max.. Simplified Scientific Astrology. The Rosicrucian Fellowship, Hard Cover. Good Eight Edition, copy right 1923, decorated hardcover. SOLD








[378] Håkansson, Håkan, Seeing the Word: John Dee and Renaissance Occultism, Lunds Universitet, Ugglan Minervaserien 2, first edition, 2001. Very good condition with a few marks of wear to the soft cover binding.
This is one of the most important John Dee studies to date and is highly recommended, however the book is extremely difficult to find. SOLD






[000388] Inglis, Brian, Trance: A Natural History of Altered States of Mind, Grafton Books, 1989, first edition. Hardcover with DJ. Very good condition.
120 DKK – Approx. 25 USD



[000014] Jacobson, Nils-Olof. Nye Veje Til Helse. Thaning & Appel, 1975. Soft Cover. Good / Good. ISBN: 87 413 6006. kr 15.00 - approx. 3 USD




[000314] Kieckhefer, Richard. ; Forbidden Rites: A Necromancer's Manual of the Fifteenth Century (Magic in History Series),. Pennsylvania State University Press, 1998. As New Paperback, NEW, never read. Sold






[000331] KUNTZ, Darcy, (Edited and Introductory notes by) (Signed).
The Ancient Texts of the Golden Rosicrucians, Volume I Book I: The Rosicrucian Exposed [Der Rosenkreuzer in seiner Blosse ] Book II: The Laws of the Fraternity of the Rosie Cross.

The Golden Dawn Research Trust, Austin TX, 2007. Hardcover. 8vo. 192 pp. Bound in red linen with gilt titling to spine and upper board, emerald green endpapers, bibliography. Signed and numbered by Darcy Küntz and accompanied by his hand-drawn sigil on the limitation page. Translated from the German by W.J. Songhurst; the Greek translated by Adam Forrest; and the Latin by John Michael Greer. Book II is Themis Aurea: The Laws of the Fraternity of the Rosie Cross by Michael Maier. Newly revised into modern English by Darcy Küntz; the Greek translated by Adam Forrest; and the Latin by James Hume. Edited with an Introduction by Darcy Küntz. NEW book. First edition strictly limited to 250 copies. Sold



[000188] Landone, Brown.. Prophecies of Melchi-zedek in the Great Pyramid and the Seven Temples. Health Research Reprint Spiral Bound, Good kr 40.00 - approx. 8 USD





[000216] LAW, Donald . Astrology, palmistry & Dreams. 1973. Hard Cover. Very Good / Very Good. kr 55.00 - approx. 10 USD









[000076] Lingerman, Hal. A.. The Book of Numberology. . York Beach, Maine: Samuel Weiser, INC., 1994, Soft Cover. As New ISBN: 0-87728-804-6. kr 40.00 - approx. 8 USD








[000187] Love, Jeff.. The Quantum Gods (The Origin and Nature of Matter and consciousness). Great Britain: Compton Russell Element, 1976. First Edition. Soft Cover. Very Good ISBN: 0859550303. There are glued two plates in one the front end pages, a few pencil underlining on the last few pages otherwise this book is in very good condition with many illustrations. kr 80.00 - approx. 16 USD








[000329] MATHERS, S. Liddell MacGregor (Transl. & ed.), [Solomon]
The Key of Solomon the King. (Clavicula Salomonis). Now first
Translated and Edited from Ancient MSS in the British Museum.
Published by George Redway, London, 1889.

First edition, limited to 500 numbered copies – subscribers edition. With the ownership bookplate of Montague Summers on the front pastedown.
There are annotations, mainly highlighting lines and ticks, all in pencil through the first half of the book which we believe to be by Montague Summers. Laid in is a sheet with symbols in pencil - also probably done by Montague. Plate 13/14 is loose but present. There are short weevil lines in the body of the book. These are narrow of course and the longest are 2.5cm.They do not affect the use of the book i.e. text is not obscured. Quarter red and black buckram binding without lettering. This has a split at the top of the front spine crease, the black tips are rubbed at the corners and there is some wear to the spine. Quite a firm copy with contents in reasonable condition. Overall a good copy of this very rare item from the library of a noted author in the field of magic/witchcraft/occultism.







[000299] MACGREGOR MATHERS, S. L.. The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin the Mage, as Delivered by Abraham the Jew unto his Son Lamech, A.D. 1458. . London: John M. Watkins, 1898. First Edition. Decorative Cloth. Very Good Translated from the Original Hebrew into the French, and now Rendered from the Latter Language into English. From a Unique and Valuable MS. in the "Bibliothèque de L'Arsenal" at Paris. By S. L. MacGregor - Mathers, Author of "The Kabbalah Unveiled," "The Key of Solomon," "The Tarot," etc. in Three Books, with a Special and Copious Introduction and Explanatory Notes by the Translator, and Numerous Magical Squares of Letters. London: John M. Watkins, 1898. First edition. Large octavo (20 x 26 cm). xlviii+268pp. Publisher's black cloth, gilt magic square to upper, gilt tiltes to spine between three sets of double rules, fore and bottom edges untrimmed, white endpapers. This copy does not have the additional illustrated title page by Moina Mathers which is only found in a few copies (see the other copy of the book we have for sale). Some wear to extremities, otherwise a very clean and firm copy [One of the best we have seen]. Very rare! SOLD






[000307] MacGregor-Mathers, SL, . The Book of The Sacred Magic of Abra = Melin, The Mage: As Delivered by Abraham the Jew Unto His Son Lamech, A Grimoire of the Fifteenth Century.. Chicago: The de Laurence Company , 1948. Hard Cover. Very Good Third printing. 268pp. Large Red semi-leather hardcover binding with gold magic square to front board. In very good condition. SOLD







[000308] MacGregor-Mathers, SL,. The Book of The Sacred Magic of Abra = Melin, The Mage: As Delivered by Abraham the Jew Unto His Son Lamech, A Grimoire of the Fifteenth Century.. Chicago: The de Laurence Company, 1948. Hard Cover. Very Good Third printing. 268pp. Large reddish-Brown patterned semi-leather hardcover binding with gold magic square to front board. In very good condition. SOLD








[000234] MACGREGOR MATHERS, S. L. The Kabbalah Unveiled. Weiser, 1997. Soft Cover. Very Good kr 100.00 - approx. 20 USD







[000222] MACGREGOR MATHERS, S. Liddell, (Trans.) Forword By Richard Cavendish. The Key of Solomon the King. York Beach, Maine: Weiser, 1989. First Paperback Edition. Soft Cover. As New ISBN: 0877286981. kr 60.00 - approx. 12 USD






[000229] Martinus. Logic – New Cosmic Scientific Outlook on Life Spirit and Religion. Copenhagen: Martinus Institute, 1967. Hard Cover. Very Good / Very Good. First English Edition, 1967, Decorated white boards with gold star + D/W. Sold






[000327] Massey, Gerald; . Ancient Egypt the Light of the World: a Work of Reclamation and Restitution in Twelve Books;. London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1907. Cloth. Good Original large red/brown and black cloth bindings. First Edition of 500 copies. Volume I: [viii], 544 pages + 11 in-text illustrations. Volume II: [viii], (545) - 944 pages + 4 in-text illustrations. Both volumes have some rubbing and they have at one point suffered some water accumulation, which has left some traces. Besides from that the text is clean, volume two has never been cut open. The work of Gerald Massey was very extensive and this work represents his final word on the origins of mythology, religion and language, which influenced most esoteric circles and studies of the day, including H. P. Blavatsky's the Secret Doctrine. Contents: I. Sign Language and Mythology as Primitive Modes of Representation; II. Totemism, Tattoo and Fetishism as Forms of Sign-Languag e - Fetishim; III. Elemental and Ancestral Spirits, or the Gods and the Glorified; IV. Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Mysteries of Amenta; V. The Sign-Language of Astronomical Mythology - The Primitive African Paradise - Egyptian Wisdom - The Drowning of the Dragon; VI. The Sign-Language of Astronomical Mythology. Part II. - Horns of the Double Horizon - The Making of Amenta - The Irish Amenta - The Mount of Glory; VII. Egyptian Wisdom and the Hebrew Genesis; VIII. The Egyptian Wisdom in other Jewish Writings; IX. The Ark, The Deluge, and the World's Great Year; X. The Exodus from Egypt and the Desert of Amenta - The Seed of Ysiraal - The Title of Pharaoh; XI. Egyptian Wisdom in the Revelation of John the Divine; XII. The Jesus-Legend traced in Egypt for Ten Thousand Years - Child-Horus - The Jesus-Legend in Rome - The Egypto-Gnostic Jesus - Double Horus, or Jesus and the Christ - The Mysteries and Miracles - Jesus in the Mount - Sut and Horus as Historic Characters in the Canonical Gospels - The Group in Bethany - The Founders of the Kingdom - The Last Supper: the Crucifixion and the Resurrection - The Resurrection from Amenta - The Sayings of Jesus; Appendix; Index. SOLD



[000252] Mcintosh, Christofer. Eliphas Lévi and the French Occult Revival. U.S.: Weiser, 1974. First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good / Good. Very Good, D/W has slight loss of paper to upper spine, the D/W is now protected in transparent plastic “mylar”. A nice copy of the standard scholarly work on Eliphas Levi. First US edition. kr 800.00 - approx. 156 USD







[000225] Mead, G .R. S.. THE HYMNS OF HERMES . London: The Theosophical Publishing Society, 1907. First Edition. Cloth. Good The spine is sunned. Sold







[000226] Mead, G. R. S.. A MITHRAIC RITUAL. Edmons: The Alexandrian Press, Soft Cover. As New ISBN: 1558182888. kr 60.00 - approx. 12 USD






[000224] Mead, G. R. S.. The Mysteries of Mithra, Echoes from the Gnosis Vol. V (5). London: Theosophical Publishing Society, 1907. First Edition. Cloth. Very Good Small green cloth volume. The spine is sunned. It is a bit worn but otherwise a solid and clean copy of this sought after title. Sold







[000304] Mead, G.R.S.,. The Gnostic John the Baptizer; Selections from the Mandaean John-Book Together with Studies of John and Christian Origins, the Slavonic Josephus' Account of John and Jesus, and John and the Fourth Gospel Proem.. London: John M. Watkins, 1924. First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good Very Good with rubbing to covers and slight foxing to fist few pages. kr 950.00 - approx. 185 USD





[000303] Mead, G.R.S., . The Doctrine of the Subtle Body in Western Tradition, an Outline of What the Philosophers Thought and Christians Taught on the Subject.. London: John M. Watkins, 1919. First Edition. Cloth. Very Good 146pp kr 400.00 - approx. 78 USD





[000292] More, Henry [1614-1687. A Collection Of Several Philosophical Writings Of Dr Henry More, Fellow of Christ's-College in Cambridge As Namely, Antidote against Atheism Appendix to the Said Antidote Enthusiasmus Triumphatus His Letters to Des Cartes, etc Immortality of the Soul Conj. Bartholomew: Joseph Downing , 1712. Hard Cover. Good printed by Joseph Downing in Bartholomew-Close near West-Smithfield 1712. i-xxviii, 1-234pp & i-xiv, 1-56pp & i-vi, 56-138pp & i-xvi, 1-258pp & i-viii, i-iv, i-vi, 1-243pp, (244-252pp). Large Red Hardcover ex-libris binding, (minimal library markings (gold letters to spine bottom, stamp to bottom edge, bookplate and stamp to front inner panel), binding firm, text complete, the text has water stains, a little loos of paper to upper right corner, the title page is protected from trimming by white tissue. All in All this is a good copy! Henry More (1614-1687) is important in the history of Western esotericism, theology and philosophy. He was one of the most prolific of the so called 'Cambridge Platonists'. This is the most complete edition of his Philosophical works and includes the 'Conjectura Cabbalistica' an important work of Christian Kabbalah. More was also during his life in collaboration with Baron Rosenroth who published the Kabbala Denudata. SOLD



[000002] Neff, Mary K. Collected By. Oversat Af Sigrid Møller. H. P. Blavatsky Hendes Egne Og Andres Erinderinger. . København: Sankt Ansgars Forlag - Visdoms Bøgerne, 1990. Soft Cover. Good ISBN: 87-875-0591-6. kr 40.00 - approx. 8 USD







[000194] Orlandi, Giulio Lensi . Cosimo E Francesco DE´Medici Alchimisti. Firenze: Nardini Editore, First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good / Good. kr 100.00 - approx. 20 USD





[000066] Ostrander, Sheila & Lynn Schroeder.. Psykisk Forskning Bag Jerntæppet.. Danmark: Strubes Forlag, 1972, Soft Cover. Good kr 15.00 - approx. 3 USD



[000256] Papus. The Qabalah. The Aquarian Press, 1983. Soft Cover. Very Good kr 100.00 - approx. 20 USD







[000305] PAPUS (Gerard Encausse), . Tarot Of The Bohemians The Most Ancient Book In The World;. London: George Redway, 1896. Second Edition. Decorative Cloth. Good iv + 356 pp., Original black cloth with gilt titling and hermetic key design on front board. Illustrated throughout. Very clean and firm binding. Hinge paper slightly cracked, one illustration on p. 105 has been inserted in facsimile, otherwise a fine copy. kr 600.00 - approx. SOLD







[000218] PARKER, Julia; Parker, Derek . PARKERS' ASTROLOGY: The Definitive Guide to Using Astrology in Your Daily Life . 1994. Soft Cover. Very Good ISBN: 156458710X. kr 50.00 - approx. 10 USD




[000320] Perry, Lee. The Holy Grail, Cosmos of the Bible. New York: Philosophical Library, 1991. 364 pp, large paperback, general wear otherwise good. kr 95.00 - approx. 18 USD






Picatrix - Ghayat Al Hakim (Volume One). Published by Ouroboros Press in 2002.Copy 910 out of 1000. Hardcover with dustjacket, like new condition.
Picatrix is the name used in Europe for a text originally written in Arabic, probably in the 10th or 11th century, entitled Gayat al-Hakim. This title is sometimes translated as "The Aim of the Sage" or "The Goal of The Wise".
Under the name Picatrix, the work became available in the West through a Latin translation of the 13th century, based on an earlier Spanish translation, both of which appear to have been produced at the court of Alphonso The Wise. One of the most influential interpretations suggests it is to be regarded as a "handbook of talismanic magic". Another researcher summarizes it as "the most thorough exposition of celestial magic in Arabic", indicating the sources for the work as "Arabic texts on Hermeticism, Sabianism, Ismailism, astrology, alchemy and magic produced in the Near East in the ninth and tenth centuries A.D."

Price 200 USD [Please note this book ships from Croatia].


[000191] Pick, Fred L. And Knight, G. Norman, Revised By Frederick Smyth. The Freemason' Pocket Reference Book. London: Frederick Muller, 1983. 3rd Edition. Hard Cover. Good / Good. The book has a some point been exposed to water or damp especially the pages and the DW. But it is still in good condition and this in no way effect the text. kr 170.00 - approx. 33 USD




[000159] Powell, Lieut.- Colonel Arthur E. . The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena. London: The Theosophical Publishing House, 1954. Cloth. Good / No Jacket. Binding has some spots otherwise good and tight. kr 100.00 - approx. 20 USD



[000208] Quispel, G.. Makarius Das Thomasevangelium Und Das Lied Von Der Perle. Leiden: Brill, 1967. First Edition. Hard Cover. Good / No Jacket. Supplements to Novum Testamentum series. Vol XV. kr 450.00 - approx. 88 USD




[000019] Redfield, James. And Carol Adrienne. The Celestine Prophecy: AN Experiential Guide. Warner Books, 1995. Soft Cover. Good ISBN: 0-446-67122-3. kr 20.00 - approx. 4 USD



[000183] Reigle, David . The Books of Kiu-Te or The Tibetan Buddhist Tantras, A Preliminary Analysis. San Diego: Wizards Bookshelf, 1983. First Edition. Soft Cover. Very Good ISBN: 0913510491. kr 100.00 - approx. 20 USD







[000309] Rohmer, Sax; . The Romance of Sorcery. London: Methuen, 1914. First Edition. Hard Cover. Good 12 plates, Bound in red cloth with gilt lettering. The binding has general wear and slight discolouration, but is firm. There is a little red stamp to the corner of front end-page. The text is clean with some foxing. Overall good. SOLD






[000315] Ryan, W. F.,. The Bathhouse at Midnight: An Historical Survey of Magic and Divination in Russia (Magic in History Series); . Pennsylvania State University Press, First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good / Very Good. Hardcover, 1999, Fine condition. 504pp. kr 500.00 - approx. 97 USD







[000190] Sadler, Henry.. Masonic Facts & Fictions (Comprising a New Theory of the Origin of the Antient Grand Lodge). The Aquarian Press, 1985. First Edition. Soft Cover. Very Good kr 80.00 - approx. 16 USD






[000079] Salas, E. & R. Cano.. Pyramidernes Kræfter 2. Danmark: Borgen, 1981, Soft Cover. Very Good kr 35.00 - approx. 7 USD


[000207] Saraydarian, Torkom. Sex, Family and the Woman in Society.. Aquarian Educational Group, 1987. First Edition. Soft Cover. Good kr 50.00 - approx. 10 USD


[000206] Saraydarian, Torkom. Dynamics of Success. T.S.G. Vision Series, 1992. Soft Cover. Very Good ISBN: 0929874269. kr 20.00 - approx. 4 USD


[000301] SIBLY, E., A Complete Illustration Of The Astrological and Occult Sciences Comprehending The Art of Foretelling Future Events And Contingencies, By The Aspects, Positions, and Influences of the heavenly Bodies; Founded On Natural Philosophy, Scripture, Reason. London: 1793. Later Edition. Hard Cover. Good Dedication [two pages], Letter [Two pages - incomplete], Part 1: Astrology [13-274], Part 2: Doctrine of Nativities [275-618], Part 3: Astrological and occult sciences [619-1056], Part 4: Magic and Witchcraft [1057-1120], Index [1125-1128]. Front-piece + 3 title-pages + 27 engravings + numerous illustrations throughout. Old large binding, brown rebacked old leather spine (with some missing to upper), black patterned cloth boards with much wear, firm. 27 cm (H) x 22 cm (L), 10.5 cm (thick). the title page is partly loose (and the front hinge cracked, but firm), The title page also has some tape repairs around the edges, these repairs are also on the first 9 pages and the last 7 pages at the end of the book, otherwise the text is clean (with only a few old ink notes and a few spots). Generally a good copy of this rare and important work. Sibly holds and important role in British occultism, together with Francis Barrett who "wrote" The Magus (1801). Part Four of the present book is still a valuable source for ceremonial Magic as mentioned recently by Stephen Skinner in the 'Goetia of Dr. Rudd'. SOLD





[000239] Skinner, J. Ralston. Key to the Hebrew-Egyptian Mystery in the Source of Measures. Philadelphia: David McKay Company, Hard Cover. Poor [1931, limited edition of 500 copies, not stated], Hardcover, Full edition including the addenda. kr 500.00 - approx. 97 USD









[000294] Skinner, Stephen. The Complete Magician's Tables. Golden Hoard Press, 2006. First Edition. Full-Leather. As New Limited red Leather edition of 250 copies, signed by the author, New, Never Used. Rare! This is an extremely useful text or book of correspondences - the most complete to date. SOLD




[000108] Stauffer, Dr. Med. Karl . Homotherapie. Germany: Johannes Sonntag, 1927, First Edition. Hard Cover. Good XX, 851 pages kr 350.00 - approx. 68 USD



[000212] Stirling, William . The Canon: An Exposition of the Pagan Mystery Perpetuated in the Cabala as the Rule of All the Arts. 1981. Soft Cover. Very Good ISBN: 0902103075. kr 150.00 - approx. 29 USD






[000010] Tarthang Tulku (under Direction of), Edited By: Ralph H. Moon and Stephen Randall. Dimensions of Thought: Current Explorations in Time, Space, and Knowledge. 2 Volumes.. California: Dharma Publishing, 1980. Soft Cover. Good ISBN: 0913546798. kr 120.00 - approx. 23 USD




[000219] Taylor, Thomas (Introduction By Manly P. Hall. The Theoretic Arithmetic of the Pythagoreans. York Beach, Maine: Weiser, 1991. Reprint. Soft Cover. Very Good ISBN: 0877285586. kr 100.00 - approx. 20 USD





[000217] Thornton, Penny . Suns & Lovers: the astrology of love and relationships . 1986. Hard Cover. Very Good / Very Good. kr 60.00 - approx. 12 USD



[000311] UNDERHILL, EVELYN. Mysticism: a Study in the Nature & Development of Man's Spiritual Consciousness. Methuen, 1911. Hard Cover. Good Second edition, 600 pp, cloth binding. The binding has some wear, but is firm. The text is clean (but there is an old ink signature to the title page). Still one of the fundamental works on Mysticism. SOLD





[000175] Roelof Van Den Broek and Wouter J. Hanegraaff (edited by); Gnosis and Hermeticism from Antiquity to Modern Times; State University of New York Press, Suny, 1998. 1st ed. Paperback. Corners a little bumped otherwise this book is as new. Sold





[000385] Spence, Lewis, The History and Origins of Druidism, The Aquarian Press, London, 1971. Hardcover with DJ. In Good condition, the DJ has a few minor tears and some dirt accumulation.
48 DKK – Approx. 10 USD





[000302] Waite , Arthur Edward (A. E. Waite). The Book of Ceremonial Magic Including the Rites and Mysteries of Goetic Theurgy, Sorcery and Infernal Necromancy - The Secret Tradition in Göetia - With Illustrations. London: William Rider & Son Ltd, 1911. First Edition. Decorative Cloth. Good Original large decorated cloth binding. Very Nice! This book is in overall good condition. The binding has some dirt accumulation which is common for white cloth bindings, the spine is a bit browned. Back endpaper is browned, plate VI is restored in facsimile. A clean and firm copy of this rare book. The book is a revised text of the Book of Black Magic with the addition of an Introduction, a conclusion and three new sections to Chapter 3 in Part [See Glibert p. 48]. [Gilbert A25]. kr 3,000.00 - approx. 587 USD





[000230] Waite, A. E.. The Hermetic Museum – complete in one Volume. Weiser, 1994. Soft Cover. As New kr 200.00 - approx. 39 USD







[000246] Waite, A. E. (Ed. and Trans.). Collectanea Chemica. Kessinger Publishing Co ,U.S., 1992. Alchemy, Occult, Hermetic, Esoteric. Soft Cover. Very Good / No Jacket. ISBN: 0922802-81-5. kr 80.00 - approx. 16 USD






[000245] Waite, Arthur Edward. The Book of Black Magic and Ceremonial Magic: The Secret Tradition in Goetia Including the Rites and Mysteries of Goetic Theurgy, Sorcery and Infernal Necromancy. New York, New York, U.S.A.: Causeway Books, 1973. Cloth. Very Good / No Jacket. ISBN: 0883560135. Nice black cloth, red to top of pages, white text on spine. The most complete text of Waite's classic study of black magic including the complete grimoire. Introduction by Charles Sen. kr 250.00 - approx. 49 USD



[000180] Waite, Arthur Edward (A. E. Waite). Book of Spells. Wordswoth Reference, 1992. Reprint. Soft Cover. As New ISBN: 1853263559. kr 45.00 - approx. 9 USD







[000382] [Waite, A. E.,] The Sophic Hydrolith; or, Water Stone of the Wise.
This is a privately bound photocopy version taken from A. E. Waite’s Hermetic Museum, probably made by the late Robert Lenkiewicz as it came from his collection and he was in the habit of making various versions and binding various texts for his own pleasure. Black and brown square binding with title in gold to front cover.
96 DKK – Approx. 20 USD



[000313] Walker, D. P., . Spiritual & Demonic Magic: From Ficino to Campanella (Magic in History Series). Pennsylvania State University Press, 2003. As New Paperback, As NEW. Still on of the best academic works on renaissance magic. kr 160.00 - approx. 31 USD








[000380] Wavell, Stewart, Butt, Audrey and Epton, Nina., Trances.
George Allen and Unwin. 1966. Hardcover. Dust Jacket Included pp254, Very good condition.
48 DKK – Approx. 10 USD





[000389] White, Michael, Isaac Newton: The Last Sorcerer, Fourth Estate, London, 1997, First ed. Hardcover with DJ (price clipped). Very Good condition.
96 DKK – Approx. 20 USD




[000317] YEATS, W.B.,. Per Amica Silentia Lunae. London: Macmillan, 1918. First Edition. Decorative Cloth. first edition, blue-grey cloth decorated cloth boards. Very good condition, slight spotting to binding, one end-page browned otherwise fine. Quite rare in such good condition. kr 1,800.00 - approx. 352 USD






[000181] Yogi Ramacharaka. A Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga. Fowler, 1970. Reprint. Hard Cover. Very Good / Very Good. kr 45.00 - approx. 9 USD






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