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[000123] Asimov, Isaac.. The Intelligent Man's Guide to Science. USA: Basic Books, 1961, Cloth. Good Good Two very large volumes in a box. Volume 1: The Physical Sciences, Volume 2: The Biological Sciences kr 100,00

[000097] Axelrod, Julius.,. The Harvey Lectures Series 67 1971-72. New York: Academic Press, 1973, Hard Cover. Very Good kr 40,00

[000147] Barro, Robert J. & Xavier Sala-i-Martin. Economic Growth. New York: McGraw-Hill , 1995, Hard Cover. Fine ISBN: 0070036977. This book is as new. A very informing book on its subject kr 200,00

[000146] Blaug, Mark. Economic Theory in Retrospect. Cambridge University Press, 1995. Fourth Edition, Soft Cover. Very Good ISBN: 0521316448. This book is as new. A very informing book on its subject -one of the best kr 130,00

[000082] Brandt, Frithiof 0g Kaj Linderstrøm-Lang (Redaktion Af:). Videnskaben I Dag. København: J. H. Schultz Forlag, 1954, Half-Leather. Good kr 45,00

[000126] Bøving-Petersen, J. O.. Universets Undere. Kjøbenhavn: Gyldendal, 1913, Half-Leather. Good two very large volumes kr 120,00

[000167] Chick, Harriette., Margaret Hume, Marjorie Macfarlane. War On Disease: A History of the Lister Institute. London: Andre Deutsch, 1971. Hard Cover. Very Good / Very Good. pp 251 kr 65,00

[000144] Copeland, Thomas E. & J. Fred Weston. Financial Theory and Coporate Policy. USA: Addison - Wesley Publishing Company, 1992. Third Edition, Hard Cover. Very Good ISBN: 0201106485. This book is as New in very good condition, there are however two pen marks. It is one of the best works on its subject kr 200,00

[000124] Darling, David.. Deep Time. USA: Delta, 1990, Soft Cover. Very Good The Journey of a single subatomic particle from the moment of creation to the death of the universe and beyond kr 35,00

[000078] Fischer, Ernst Peter.. Selling Science : The History of Boehringer Mannheim. Mannheim, Germany: Boehringer Mannheim GmbH, 1992, First Edition. Soft Cover. As New kr 60,00

[000143] Freixas, Xavier & Jean - Charles Rochet.. Microeconomics of Banking. USA: Massachusetts Institute of Thechnology, 1998, Second Printing. Hard Cover. Very Good ISBN: 9780262061933. This is one of the best books on the subject. A standard text book for University use or Buisness. It is externally as new but has some underlinings inside. Ask for pictures or anything you would like to know about this book kr 200,00

[000084] George, B., Thomas, JR. & Ross L. Finney. Calculus and Analytic Geometry. USA: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1984. Sixth, Soft Cover. Good ISBN: 0-201-16309-9. kr 50,00

[000096] Hofstadter, D. R. . Metamagiske Temaer: Mønster of Paradoks I Sprog, Musik Og Videnskab. Danmark: Munksgaard - Nysyn, 1991, Soft Cover. Good ISBN: : 87-16-10544-3. kr 40,00


[001037] Keill, John. An Introduction To Natural Philosophy: Or, Philosophical Lectures Read in the University of Oxford, Anno. Dom. 1700. To which are Added, The Demonstations of Monsieur Huygen's Theorems, concerning the Centrifugal Force and Circular Motion.. London: J. Senex, 1726. Full-Leather. Good Original full dark brown leather binding. The front cover is detached but the rest of the book is tight and sound. The book is in an overall good condition and clean inside. First English Edition (second edition). The first edition is in Latin. John Keill was the first to lecture on Isaac Newton's Natural Philosophy. These lectures are contained in this book. kr 4.000,00

[000083] Martensen-Larsen, H.. Stjerneuniverset Og Vor Tro. København: J. Frimodts Forlag, 1921. Fjerde, Hard Cover. Good En undersøgelse af det moderne verdensbillede og dets forhold til Kristendommen kr 40,00

[001034] Robertson, George., Melinda Mash, Lisa Tickner, Jon Bird, Barry Curtis and Tim Putnam, (Edited By) . FutureNatural (Future Natural) Nature, Science, Culture. Routledge, 1996. First Edition. Soft Cover. As New ISBN: 0415070147. kr 60,00

[000125] Thompson, James S. & Margaret W. Thompson. Genetics in Medicine. Philadelphia: W. B. Saunders Company, 1973, Hard Cover. Good Good some underlinings, wrapped in plasitc folio kr 30,00

[000246] Waite, A. E. (Ed. and Trans.). Collectanea Chemica. Kessinger Publishing Co ,U.S., 1992. Alchemy, Occult, Hermetic, Esoteric. Soft Cover. Very Good / No Jacket. ISBN: 0922802-81-5. kr 80.00

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Sceince - Catalogue

OLD CATALOGUE 2008 (No longer valid)

[000241] Gans, DAVID BEN SOLOMON (1541–1613)
Title: Nehmad ve-Na'im ("Delightful and Pleasant,")
Jesnitz, 1743. First and only edition, very rare. Text is in Hebrew. Condition: original half-cloth binding, a few worm holes to title page and first couple of pages, some browning to pages throughout, otherwise it is in good condition. This book includes the rare Latin introduction in the back of the book, but the pages have some worming which has been repaired.
As an extra Andre Neher’s study of Gans: ‘Jewish Thought and the Scientific Revolution of the Sixteenth Century – David Gans (1541 – 1613) and his times’, Hardcover, Oxford, 1986 is included in the price.
Price 13800 DKK - 2200 USD

“GANS, DAVID BEN SOLOMON (1541–1613), chronicler, astronomer, and mathematician. Gans studied rabbinics and kabbalah with Reuben Fulda in Bonn; Eliezer Treves in Frankfort; Moses Isserles in Cracow; and Judah Loew (the Maharal) in Prague. Encouraged, so it is said, by Isserles, he devoted himself to the study of mathematics and astronomy. Gans was one of the few German Jews of his time, when rabbinics ruled supreme, to undertake serious secular studies for which he found and quoted older Jewish authorities. In Prague he corresponded with the astronomer Johann Mueller (Regiomontanus) and was in friendly contact with Johann Kepler and Tycho Brahe, for whom he translated the Alfonsine Tables from Hebrew into German.

Gans's main astronomical (and also geographical) work was Nehmad ve-Na'im ("Delightful and Pleasant," Jesnitz, 1743; in which he rejects the new Copernican system in favor of Ptolemy's, the former going back (according to Gans) to the Pythagorean system. Astronomy (and mathematics)—he held—was first studied by Jews from whom the Egyptians had learned the science, passing it on to the Greeks. Ptolemy had studied with Alexandrian Jewish scholars. The study of astronomy was important not only for the Jewish calendar but as proof for the cultural achievements of the Jewish people.” Enc. Judaica