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Rare Occult Books Pre 1850


[John Dee] Meric Casaubon, A TRUE & FAITHFUL RELATION OF WHAT PASSED FOR MANY YEARS BETWEEN DR. JOHN DEE (a Mathematician of Great Fame in Q. Eliz. And King James Their Reignes) and Some Spirits. With a Preface Confirming the Reality (as to the Point of Spirits). by Meric Casaubon.
D. Maxwell for T. Garthwait. First edition, 1659. Recent full brown leather binding, folio. Complete, but both the title page and the front-piece are lacking (can be supplied in facsimile). New end-pages. 3 whole page diagrams ā€“ one folding + an old obscure magical diagram bound in. Some occasional foxing and a few ink marginalia. Quite good condition. Needless to say that this is one of the most important texts in the Western magical tradition... Very rare!

38000 DKK




[Albertus Magnus – Albert the Great], Les Admirables Secrets D’Albert-Le-Grand,

A Nismes: Chez Gaude, Imprimeur-Libraire, 1818.
Collation: Hal-title, frontpiece, titlepage, Avis [3], Epitre [4], Priére [1], La Pense [3], 227 pages, Table [7]. 4 illustrations + frontpiece. Complete.
Recent Half-leather binding, Gold decorated spine with title. Binding as new. Text in overall good condition with some age-browing.

--> A. E. Waite writes: Among the spurious works attributed to him [Albertus Magnus] is that entitled Les Admirables Secrets d'Albert le Grand, which is concerned with the virtues of herbs, precious stones, and animals, with an abridgment of physiognomy, methods for preservation against the plague, malignant fevers, poisons, &c. The first book treats of the planetary influences in their relation to nativities, of the magical properties possessed by the hair of woman, of the infallible means of ascertaining whether a child still in the womb is male or female, &c. [Waite Lives of Alchemystical Philosophers, 1888.]
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[Albertus Magnus and Michael Scot], De Secretis Mulierum Item De Virtytibus Herbarum, Lapidum, et Annualium.

Amsterdami, Apud Henricum et Viduam Theodori Boom, 1702.
This volume also includes Michael Scot's De Secretis Nature.
Full original leather binding, four raised bands and red leather title label to gold decorated spine. Good condition. Binding worn and dry and the spine is partly cracked, but the binding is still firm. The text is clean and the very beautiful illustrated title-page is in very good condition. A tiny wormhole to some of the last pages in upper corner which does not affect the text. Old bookseller label to inner back board. 329 pages + index + table of contents.

--> A classic compilation on magical secrets in this case on the secrets of women and the secrets of nature, two texts which were among the most sought after in the 15th and 16th centuries. The content of the two works especially focus on women and childbirth, charms, advice and recipes for all sorts of occasions, magical cures for men and beasts, etc. Both authors derive much of their learning from a wide range of Classical and Mediaeval scientific and magical sources, such as Aristotle, Hermes, Galen, Albertus Magnus and his pupil Henry of Saxony. Together they constitute an exhaustive collection of secret knowledge related to the Grimoire tradition.

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Price 3000 DKK - approx. 506 USD

Henry Cornelius Agrippa's Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy and Geomancy. Magical Elements of Peter de Abano. Astronimical Geomancy: The Nature of Spirits; and Arbatel of Magic.
First Translated into English by Robert Turner, Philomathes, 1555 and reprinted with great Improvements 1783.
Only the back board and end-page remains of the original binding. The text block is complete, firm and clean (the title page is however slightly darker with a little tear with no loss).
This is a very very rare edition of Agrippa's fourth book containing 'great improvements' and has not been reprinted since. Very difficult to find. It is complete and would only need a new nice binding.
22000 DKK - approx. 3694 USD

[Albertus Magnus - Albert the Great], Le Solide Trésor des Merveilleux Secrets de la Magie Naturelle et Cabalistique du Petit Albert traduit excatement sur lā original latin qui a pour titre: Alberti Parvi, Lucii libellus de mirabilibus naturae arcanis, enrichi de plusieurs figures mystérieuses pour former les talismans, avec la méanire de les faire.

Bellegrade [1658]. [8]+216 p. folded plates, ills. In-12. [Coumont A21.177] Presumably the first edition of this work, very scarce. Original Full leather binding. Firm with only slight loss to upper spine and some general age wear. Text is clean and nice.

--> The book or Petit Albert [little Albert] as it is often called is a collection of magical knowledge including the secrets of making perfumes, powder of sympathy, artificial gold, borax for melting gold, artificial pearls, musk, including making the "The Hand of Glory". It is attributed to Albertus Magnus, but is generally classified as a pseudo-Albertus. All in all this is one of the most influential works in the history of books of secrets and magical recipes. Needless to say this presumed first edition is extremely rare.

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[Anon], Trésor Du Viellard des Pyramides,“ Véritable Science des Talismans, + La Chouette Noire. Also bound with: Le Génie et Le Viellard des Pyramides (en 1672).

First edition. Text in French. Original half-leather binding with gold lines and decorations to spine. 4 raised bands and marble end-pages. Binding slightly rubbed. Double fold out title page, 72 pp + 24 pages with plates + 108 pp. Pages generally clean with some ageing. An old ink stamp to inner front board. Generally Very good condition. [Early 19th century, first edition].

--> This is one of the most rare Grimoires on the mysteries of talismans. Only very rarely seen on the market. Richly illustrated with full page plates. The first part of this work was translated into English under the title The Treasure of the Old Man of the Pyramids, published by trident books in a limited edition 2002.

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[Anon.], Le Dragon Rouge, ou L'Art De Commander Les Esprits Celestes Aeriens et Infernauk
A Milan, Cher Gaspardo Buffanelli [ca. mid 19th century].
Collation: Frontpiece in red and black ink, titlepage in red and black ink, Prélude [2p], D.R. text and illus. [46p]. Second Livre: titlepage [1p], text and illus. [54p]. Table [2p]. Complete.
Recent attractive decorated hardcover binding with neat paper title to the spine. Binding as new. Text cut - slightly affecting the frontpiece. Text in overall good condition with some age-browing, especially a large brown spot affecting the lower right corner through half of the book. All text in French.
-->This very rare original French edition of the Dragon Rouge is distinct from the, perhaps more well known, version entitled Le Veritable Dragon Rouge. Its contents and illustrations thus have interesting variations and one might speculate that this is the more authentic Dragon Rouge. SOLD




Carolo Magno, Enchiridion Leonis Papæ,
edition Corrige, A Rome M DC XXXX [1740], Imprimé chez Jules Bonaventure quai des Grands-Augustins, 55, [early 19th century?]. Half-leather, binding very rubbed and loose, 1cm leather spine top missing, floral spine decorations with spine red label ā€“ binding poor condition (rebinding recommended ā€“ hench the price). Text complete and in good condition with some dirt accumulation. 7 hand colord magical illustrations + the title-page.
--> One of the more rare Grimoires of Papal magic. It has not been translated into English perhaps due to its rarity. This 'Bonaventure' edition is different from the Blocquel edition which especially is seen by the different title-page. Very sought after with many magical diagrams. SOLD



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