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Very Large Clear Crytall Ball 20cm - 8 Inches - 12 Kg (heavey).

Usable for Ceremonial Magic and Scrying/divination. This item is in new condition (it is to be noted that this - as most Crystall balls of this size - has a few minor marks/scratches). Stand is included.

Our Price 1000 DKK - 210 USD - 134 EUR (general retail price 2800 - 3200 DKK)



[000384] [Dee, John] A picture of John Dee set in white passepartout. A sticker is included which states ‘Original Portrait guaranteed 100 years old, The Portrait Library’. Size: 22.9 CM (H) x 22.5 CM (L). The Picture is wraped in clear plastic for protection, as seen on the picture below. 70 USD


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