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Philosophy Catalogue

[001037] Keill, John. An Introduction To Natural Philosophy: Or, Philosophical Lectures Read in the University of Oxford, Anno. Dom. 1700. To which are Added, The Demonstations of Monsieur Huygen's Theorems, concerning the Centrifugal Force and Circular Motion.. London: J. Senex, 1726. Full-Leather. Good Original full dark brown leather binding. The front cover is detached but the rest of the book is tight and sound. The book is in an overall good condition and clean inside. First English Edition (second edition). The first edition is in Latin. John Keill was the first to lecture on Isaac Newton's Natural Philosophy. These lectures are contained in this book. kr 4.000,00



[001035] Beckford, John. Quality, A Critical Introduction. Routledge, 1998. First Edition. Soft Cover. Very Good ISBN: 041518164x. kr 60,00

[001032] Brinton, Cane (Ed.). The Fate of Man. New York: George Braziller, 1961. Hard Cover. Good kr 35,00

[000124] Darling, David.. Deep Time. USA: Delta, 1990, Soft Cover. Very Good The Journey of a single subatomic particle from the moment of creation to the death of the universe and beyond kr 35,00


[000233] Dee, John. The Hieroglyphic Monad. Weiser., Hard Cover. Good / Good. First Weiser edition. Hardcover with d/w. kr 300.00


[000236] Franck, Adolphe. The Kabbalah. Citadel Press, 1995. Soft Cover. Very Good kr 50.00


[001031] Hardman, David, Introduced By, Forword By Stephen Spender. Reflections on Our Age Lectures Delivered at the Opening Session of UNESCO at the Sorbonne University Paris. Allan Wingate, First Edition. Hard Cover. Good kr 50,00

[000257] Johansen, Karsten Friis (Translator: Henrik Rosenmeier). A Hitory of Ancient Philosophy From the Beginnings to Augustine. Routledge, 1998. First Edition. Hard Cover. As New / As New. ISBN: 0415127386. This is a new book. It is the definitive book on ancient philosophy. A great companion. kr 800.00


[001044] Kim, Jaegwon and Ernest Sosa, (Edited By) . A Companion to Metaphysics (Blackwell Companions to Philosophy). Blackwell, 2000. Soft Cover. As New ISBN: 0631199993. kr 160,00


[000011] Næss, Arne . Filosofiens Historie Fra Oltiden Til vor Tid. I 3 Bind.. Stjernebøgernes Kulturbibliotek, 1967. Soft Cover. Good, but with underlines throughoutkr 100,00


[001006] Plato (translated By Benjamin Jowett). The Republic. New York: The World Publishing Company, 1946. Hard Cover. Good / Fair. Front hinge paper is slightly cracked, and the DJ has some creckes as well, otherwise fine. kr 40,00


[001034] Robertson, George., Melinda Mash, Lisa Tickner, Jon Bird, Barry Curtis and Tim Putnam, (Edited By) . FutureNatural (Future Natural) Nature, Science, Culture. Routledge, 1996. First Edition. Soft Cover. As New ISBN: 0415070147. kr 60,00


[000010] Tarthang Tulku (under Direction of), Edited By: Ralph H. Moon and Stephen Randall. Dimensions of Thought: Current Explorations in Time, Space, and Knowledge. 2 Volumes.. California: Dharma Publishing, 1980. Soft Cover. Good ISBN: 0913546798. kr 120,00

[001056] Taylor, Thomas (Introduction By Manly P. Hall. The Theoretic Arithmetic of the Pythagoreans. York Beach, Maine: Weiser, 1991. Reprint. Soft Cover. Very Good ISBN: 0877285586. kr 100,00



[001046] Zohar, Danah and Ian Marshall. The Quantum Society. Bloomsbury, 1993. First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good / Very Good. ISBN: 0747515808. kr 50,00


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